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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why Art Matters Art Abstract Paintings Modern Online Gallery Artist Emerging - Robert R


April 20th 2013-  Why Art Matters. - Robert R-  Ok here is my first blog ever about my art, I have no idea where this going but here goes!

Art is about self-expression.  I call it freedom.   Painting allows one to disappear and become one with thy true self.  I love abstract art because I can explore freedom on a  canvas. What is great is going beyond the edges and letting the paint flow over. There are no restraints.  Wouldn't it be great to live my life that way.    Painting in its true form is unleashed with no boundaries.  Abstract art is perfect in it's own sense because it imitates nothing.  Art trancends everything. We all love art. We pay for escape everyday. We see things we love and we want it.
Painting in a sense is my life.  I create because it is who I am.   I live through paint.  Painting is my therapy and escape from the mundane reality of everyday life.  I paint because it is my craft and my trade.  I am lucky to have discovered a way to channel my active life and utilize my physical being to create things with my own two hands.   It goes beyond my hands to my vision, my body and entire being.

The paintings are created from my entire self.   I could just paint something, but that would not be enough. I have to create something from scratch from the surface painted on the construction of the frames to support it.   Perhaps I was born in the wrong century.   Modern day society is something that I am incapable of doing without.  I wouldnt live this life if it was easy.  Come on challenge me oh Universe.

Art for me is about analyzing form, what I see through electronic medium and bringing  it into real life.

The art is then put back on the medium to show to the world.   It's basically Virtual Reality Art.  I live and breathe through this electronic medium searching, looking connecting with people digitally.

I know this makes no sense.   I am writing this with the hope that someone reads this and makes sense out of senseless words.  I never speak about my art or the process for several reasons.

The art should speak for itself.   That is half of the problem of selling it.  I need someone to speak for it and stand for it.   Art is it's own entity like a person. 

Art is art, it's who I am and separate from who I am as a physical person operating in a physical world.

It makes no sense to me.  Its just money on the table.  So I must speak and find people who see the vision and are willing to share it and own it.   

enough , i have no idea what i am saying.   Enjoy the art!  See the entire gallery at

There Are No Boundaries To Your Imagination

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Nothing gets my blood boiling like an emasculated imagination… especially if it’s mine.
Your imagination is limitless, that’s what makes it an “imagination.”
It’s possible to grab, steal, twist, dig, create and breathe life into anything you wish with your imagination. You can solve impossible problems, escape harsh realities and develop a new life script with your imagination.
That’s what makes your imagination so wonderful, the fact that it sees beyond current realities.
The imagination is a fearful thing for those, who like to control or manipulate, they can’t measure it, they can’t predict it and that frightens them.
Don’t let anyone limit your infinite imagination, it’s your gift not theirs.


Enjoy the art!  See the entire gallery at